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Self-Defence and The 3 Other Reasons Women Should Train BJJ

Self-Defence and The 3 Other Reasons Women Should Train BJJ

Self defence:


The thing that separates BJJ from the rest of the martial arts is that it doesn’t require strength. It was established by Master Helio Gracie after attending Judo classes. Master Helio wasn’t a big guy and this is where he started to play around with the ground techniques (newaza) and he created Gracie Jiu Jitsu. These techniques focused on allowing smaller and weaker practitioners to defend themselves (and defeat) larger opponents.


I don’t feel like I need to put a bunch of statistics about crime towards women in the UK and around the world, we all know it exists and it is a horrible part of reality. With any luck you will never have to experience a physical altercation of this type but quoting Sun Tzu.


“Don’t count on the enemy not coming, be prepared for them when they arrive.”


Learning just a few principals of the fundamentals of BJJ will help you protect yourself if anything was to happen. As shown in this picture when a young man tried to take the phone of a women, not realising she was a blue belt in BJJ…..



Although self-defence and feeling safer is a great reason to train, there are many more!


  1. Fitness and Health


Rolling around and learning BJJ techniques is a lot of work and you will see pretty drastic improvements not only in cardio but also strength and flexibility! It is nearly beach season after all.


  1. Reduced Stress


Everyone knows work or dealing with kids can be stressful. There is nothing better than taking that out on your sparring partner and hanging out with friends!


  1. Confidence (You will be a total badass!)


There are so many examples of absolute warrior women that train BJJ from the professionals like Ronda Rousey to the on-screen heroines such as Scarlett Johannsson. Learning BJJ makes you safer, and that makes you feel powerful, and of course with all the new muscles and fitness you’re going to feel better both mentally and physically!


I think there is an overwhelming number of reasons to try BJJ, and at Gracie Barra Fulham we have a friendly environment to give it a go! In addition to the full timetable we are now offering Womens only classes if you would like to try out in an all-female environment. We obviously encourage all our ladies to attend all the classes!



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